Resources for osteopaths (and anyone else who wants them)

If you are one of the 2,600 people who signed up to be able to download resources on this system previously, you will see that there are changes here. There is no longer a separate database to sign onto; the resources are on this site.

The idea behind the sign-on was to be able to let people know when something they had downloaded was updated, but for a few reasons, that all became too hard. Now there is a greatly expanded section on research into patient categories, mechanisms of action and conditions. What I've left out is material on specific osteopathic techniques. That is because so many

different types of therapist now use some of these techniques (without necessarily using an osteopathic thought process behind them), and there is so much research into them, that it is completely impossible to even remotely keep up with. I've also removed the document on recruiting a receptionist (talk to me if you want this), and on what osteopaths do (because I've updated that and am including the updated version either on this site or in my blog). I've left off the paper on the thyroid, because it is now really out of date. Updating it is on my to-do list.

If you want to see what I have on specific treatment modalities at any point in time, then just contact me and I'll send you what I have. But I'd also recommend doing a search in PubMed to update what is there.

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