Courses for osteopaths

Applications are now open for Strike at the Source[1], which will be a four-day course from Tuesday 26th March through Friday 29th March, 2019. This is an evidence-informed course on treating people with a wider range of conditions[2] by working with the lymphatic system, conducted by Prue Eddie and John Smartt.

The course will be held at Ceres, in East Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia. It will cost $1,500.

This course will be a prerequisite for a four day course we are planning to run in 2019, on treating people with digestive conditions. Both of these courses will be pre-requisites for a course we are planning in 2020, on treating people with conditions of dys-regulated immunity.

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[1] “We strike at the source of life and death when we go to the lymphatics.” AT Still

[2] There is no suggestion that osteopathic treatment, using the lymphatic system or anything else can “cure” any of these conditions; just that it has a role to play in treating people who have them. At the same time, the many distinctive, research-supported contributions that osteopaths can make to many of these conditions have not been well appreciated, either in the broader community or by osteopaths themselves. We are also not saying that we have research evidence covering all of these conditions; just that the course will be informed by where the evidence is up to. Conditions that we are planning to cover in the first course will include, at this stage (alphabetically): acne, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), asthma, blepharitis, bruised heels, bursitis and ganglia, chest infections, chronic pain, complex regional pain syndrome (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), conjunctivitis, costo-chondritis, deep scars and adhesions, delayed-onset muscle soreness, detoxification, dysmenorrhea, fibrocystic and/or tender breasts, fibromyalgia, fluid-filled ovarian cysts, fractures, inflamed or boggy vertebrae, insomnia, leg ulcers, lymphedema (post-surgical and other), mastitis, menstrual irregularity, migraines and other headaches, neurogenic inflammation, oedema of congestive heart failure, osteoarthritis, otitis media, peripheral nerve pathologies (including carpal tunnel), pregnancy-related oedema, prostatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, sciatic pain, shin splints and compartment syndromes, sinus and respiratory tract infections, sprains and strains, superficial scars, tendinopathies, tight ilio-tibial bands, tooth aches and wisdom-tooth flair ups, urinary-tract infections, venous insufficiency, vulvodynia, weight loss and wound healing.